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Zachary William, born on 3/5/97Hannah Jordan, born on 3/5/97
Lindsey Ariel, born on 3/5/97

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Organizations & Resources

  • Mothers Of Supertwins (MOST) is a non-profit network founded in 1987 by several mothers of triplets who had and continue to have a variety of challenges in raising their supertwins. They are a support network of families who have or are expecting triplets, quadruplets or more. MOST provides information, resources, empathy and good humor during pregnancy, infancy, toddlerhood and school age.
  • The Triplet Connection is a non-profit "Network of Caring and Sharing" for multiple-birth families. It provides vital information to families who are expecting triplets, quadruplets, quintuplets or more, as well as encouragement, resources, and networking opportunities for families who are parents of larger multiples.
  • The Triplets List is an email group for discussions of issues concerning triplets and other multiples. It is a forum and a support network in which parents, relatives, doctors, nurses, researchers, and others can discuss a wide range of topics dealing with the unique issues of raising multiples. It is a place where everyone can share the joyous events that touch our lives.
  • Usenet Group: alt.parenting.twins-triplets
  • Center for the Study of Multiple Birth. 333 East Superior Street, Suite 464, Chicago, Illinois 60611. Phone: 312/266-9093. A research foundation concerned with the study of multiple birth and the care of multiple birth children. Operates a mail order book business for parents of multiples. Serves as a resource center.


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